The service charges are as follows:

$300/visit (2 animals), service duration 60 mins

Extra $20 for every additional animal, large dogs $50
i.g. 2 visits per day = $600

*Transportation fee is included

Add-on service

Medications or eye/ear drops (Add $20 per visit)

Subcutaneous water injection treatment to be discussed

Why choose our Cat & Pet sitting service?

  • Avoid commuting to and from pet hotel
  • Cats don’t need to adjust to new environment
  • Never need to ask your neighbors/relatives to take care of your cats again
  • Great and money saving for multiple cats household

– Feeding/Water
– Medications
– Daily litterbox care
– Dog walking
– Play time
– Lots of love & petting
– Home security
– Cleanup
– Mail, trash & plant care
– Daily Whatsapp or email (photos!)

Q: What happens when my animal becomes sick while I was away?

A: Our professional pet sitter will perform a basic health check on every single one of the animal each time we come to your premise. If any signs indicate your animal needs medical attention, our pet sitter will contact owner immediately and take your animal to the nearest veterinarian hospital or a clinic you assigned to. Pet owner is responsible for all transportation and medical costs.

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