The difference between canned food and dry food

The difference between canned food and dry food

Do you know what a staple food can and a food can? I am convinced that many people are always dizzy by the similar packaging of the two.

The main food can is prepared by professional nutrition ratio, high in protein and fat content, containing extra nutrients such as taurine and vitamins, which can be eaten as staple food.

Taurine is an essential amino acid that is indispensable in cats.

1. Helps strengthen teeth and hair

2. Very good heart and vision for cats

3. It can help cats secrete bile salts to ensure the normal operation of the digestive system.

No nutrient can replace the action of taurine.

4. Pregnant cats need more taurine to prevent abortion from certain diseases and to avoid defective kittens.

5. Maintain body weight, liver and muscle function and blood sugar levels. Cats are unable to self-synthesize taurine and can only be taken from food.

The main food tank contains 80% more water, which can supply the nutrients and moisture needed by the hairy day.

The side food cans are mainly supplemented with dry food to supplement protein and water. If the side food cans are used as the only staple food for a long time, there will be nutritional imbalance.

And some of the side cans tastes heavier, please remind the host to try not to feed too often, or add a little more water to dilute the taste, avoid picking up the food because of the child’s habit of eating.
The difference between the main and the secondary food cans:

The main food tank has high protein and fat content, and has extra nutrition such as taurine and vitamins; while the side food tank focuses on protein and water supplement, and the nutrition is less complete.

After clearing, calculate the DM value before selecting the purchase (nutrition content / (100 – moisture)

The proportion of dry matter weight “DM value” is the basis for observing the nutrient content. The ingredients indicated on the package must be converted into DM values to be the correct nutrient content. When selecting the main food can, you should choose a product with high protein and fat content and low carbohydrate, which can give the cat a complete nutrition; the side food can pay attention to the protein and water content. Generally speaking, there will only be “ingredients” and “nutrition” in the cans. There is no data on the DM value. The owner can check the official website of each brand before purchasing.

In addition, you should choose cans with more natural ingredients, less additives, and clear ingredients. For example, “meat” should clearly indicate which animal, and it is best to use “meat” as the main, not too much “meat.” By-products.” Fish at the top of the food chain, such as squid and squid, tend to retain multiple metals. It is recommended to reduce feeding, and eating canned fish may make cats picky. Some cereals may cause cat allergies and should be carefully selected.

One thing that everyone doesn’t know:

In fact, the canned children can not add preservatives. Most people mistakenly believe that the canned children can be kept for a long time because of the addition of preservatives. In fact, the cans can be isolated by vacuum sealing. This can also be preserved for a long time before canning. It will accelerate the cause of corruption. (About this point, Xiaobian did not know many years ago.)

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