Ten conditions to become a pet baby

Ten conditions to become a pet baby

Recently, I have received a lot of resumes for pet insurance, and today I will talk to you about becoming a professional pet insurance mother.

  1. You should like all animals – if you only like certain animals, such as cats and dogs, or rabbits with parrots, it is not necessarily suitable for you. Because the pet mother will receive work for different kinds of animals. If you are only interested in one or two animals, you may not have enough love, patience, and knowledge to take care of different kinds of animals and provide a comprehensive pet insurance.
  2. You often like to dress up fashion–Because pets and babysitters often do some physical work, such as putting dogs, playing with skin, feeding medicine and shoveling cat litter, if you wear more accessories or high heels, work well. A big chance will be injured or injured.
  3. You don’t need a steady income – pet insurance mothers work on a per-service basis, and the workload can be increased or decreased depending on the peak season or off-season. When the business is good, the work may be more difficult for one person to cope with, and the income may be zero when the business is not good. Therefore, most of the pet babysitters on the market are operated in a freelance style.
  4. You should like to do housework and cleaning. In addition to the work of accompanying animals and caring for animals, the pets are also required to do a small amount of household cleaning such as mopping, dumping, and dripping.
  5. Can’t take holidays on holidays or public holidays – do you want to go with your honey in Christmas lights or holidays? Sorry! Because most pet owners are out on vacation, they are looking for you. So everyone’s holiday is your busiest day.
  6. It takes 24 hours On call – because the pet owners are all in Hong Kong and there are no relatives and friends to help. Many times, if a pet suddenly becomes ill, as a pet insurance mother, it is necessary to take the pet to the clinic and see a doctor. It is important to know that many veterinary clinics are often full, and animals usually have to undergo blood tests. It may take you an hour or two to test blood. Your life and time will lose your budget.
  7. Have money – if you think that a pet babysitter only needs to have a few years of animal experience and know how to go online, you are wrong. If you are only employed by a pet insurance company, you may not get enough work because of the industry’s struggles or the area where you live. To break through, you will need to take a course related to pet insurance, such as a pet CPR first aid certificate. If you run your business alone, you need money to do the promotion. Otherwise you may not give up enough business.
  8. Have good communication skills – pets are not just for animals. You must also understand the expectations and needs of the pet owners, so that you can provide a service that makes the pet owner feel good.
  9. You need to know how to reject others – not everyone knows how their pets might attack strangers or react to strangers. If the pet owner makes an unreasonable request or the animal is offensive, you have to make a decision to take the next or refuse the work.
  10. Have basic photography skills – understand that after the owner leaves the country, the evidence that the pet owner knows about your service is a photo or video. If you don’t take the basic knowledge at all, the photos taken to the pet owner may not be reassuring to the pet owner. Excellent photo skills can improve your service level

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