Teach you how to choose a pet sitter

Teach you how to choose a pet sitter

I have been busy with my work for several months, and finally I have a few days of vacation. I want to take a small trip in the field and take care of your hairy children. How to choose a lot of pet babysitters on the market? Price, experience, love, and qualifications… now deconstructed for you!

1. Does your pet babysitter have any relevant professional training? Professional qualifications for pets and nannies – There is no legislation in Hong Kong that requires a babysitter to have a relevant license. However, there are some websites for training babysitters in foreign countries, which are issued through courses and examinations. Pet babysitter certificate. By hiring pet sitter through these websites, you can ensure that they have the relevant knowledge and training. To find a pet sitter with a professional pet sitter, go to your country and city at Pet Sitters International or the National Association of Pet Sitters to find a nearby pet sitter



Be aware that pet nannies have no experience with your pet.

  1. Does your pet have special care needs? Many animals nowadays have to be fed regularly or need to be injected with lycopene or subcutaneous water because of the elderly and long-term patients. If your animal needs special care during the pet babysitter’s door-to-door, make sure that the pet sitter you are hiring has a nursing experience.
  2. What is included in the pet babysitter’s service? Some pet grooms who are cheaper may only provide basic feeding and water exchange, and basic services for cleaning up the size of the two. If you want your pet to be responsible for combing or cutting your nails, please check if some services are included and if you have to pay extra.

  1. Does the pet keeper hired have accidents, crisis management and backup support? If you hire a pet sitter who is a one-person company, and take care of the pet in extra time to increase your income. If the babysitter encounters a sudden accident or a traffic delay, it is important to have backup support to take over his/her care for your pet.
  2. Contact the veterinarian – if the pet is sick while you are traveling, the pet sitter has contact with the vet to ensure that your pet receives emergency treatment as soon as possible.
  3. Is the charge clear and reasonable? The charge for pet sitter ranges from 80HKD-700HKD. According to the nanny experience and word of mouth. Some are calculated on a per-door basis, while others are charged at half an hour or an hour. Some will also charge for the fare, and the fare will be charged according to the location of the door.
  4. Arrange for the first time before the official outing tour – pay attention to the pet groom’s clothing should be simple and comfortable and not easy to break. There are many kinds of work for pet sitter, such as putting dogs and cleaning a lot. The clothes should be easy to work with and the protective jeans and shoes are most suitable.

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