Summer inflammation and anti-mosquito law

Summer inflammation and anti-mosquito law

Summer brings rain and beautiful legs to the earth. When everyone is on vacation and burying the main body out to play games with the sun, do you know how to prevent mosquitoes and sputum? In addition to the mosquito, the mosquito can be used to change the foot of the foot to the outside of the leg. It can also kill the master and the slave.
Mosquitoes can spread “street fever”, “Japanese encephalitis”, and “malaria”. And Tong Tong can spread the rash of typhus in the jungle.
As for the masters, the dogs and cats can be infected with heartworms after being bitten by mosquitoes. It is also possible to infect a kind of silkworm. The host of the filthy filaria is in the dog, the dog is bitten by the mosquito after being infected with the worm, and then transmitted to the human by the mosquito bite, and the larva is more eye-catching. So this time I will introduce to you some of my favorite anti-mosquito magic weapons.

Left and right: Pet-specific mosquito repellent. The shape is thin and exudes a light floral fragrance. It can be hung on a handbag or buckled on a dog or cat neck strap before the master can play. People are harmless. One available for 60 days. It must be mentioned that there is a plastic box on the package, so that you can bury it when you use it to avoid evaporation. D咁 咁 心 服务 服务 , , , , , , 咁 咁 咁 咁 Xiao Bian lived in the most famous village in the territory of the famous mosquito-trapping ovipositor index in Hong Kong, and the bus station had been bitten by the bus station for three consecutive days.

Middle and upper: Indoor mosquito repellent spray – spray every room in the house every day to prevent mosquitoes, cockroaches, and flies from flying into the house. Each shot is effective for 12 hours, and it is harmless to people. In addition to mosquitoes, the small-sized house enterprises, the fly-fly moths and all kinds of unknown flying insects will fly into the house through the mosquito net. After using it, they are too lazy to smell and smell a big smoke.

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