Shovel officer

As a person who loves animals, and as a pet sitter, you will pay special attention to all things and things that have animals. Watching NOW News Station this morning, the ad slot played a child and puppy article similar to the “Daddy Go There” program. The description of the dog is Wang Xingren. The next generation of children of a group of Chinese and Hong Kong performers is to learn how to take good care of the puppies. When I don’t know when to start, the cat will be given a new term called “Iridium Man” on the Internet. I heard that because many cats like to sit in a sitting position like a person, they will also understand the language. Those who take care of cats will be called “cat slaves.” In the middle of the advertisement, there is a scene where the children want to clean up the dog’s stools. They call them “shovel officers”! In fact, the term “shovel officer” is the common language between cat slaves because we use shovel every day. Scrape the cat’s stool from the litter tray. The dog-raising person usually uses a newspaper paper towel to remove the dog when he puts the dog, because he does not carry a shovel to put the dog. It’s recommended that Google use Google’s terminology next time.

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