Pet sitter’s bitterness

The pet sitter’s job is very novel. At least there are still many people in Hong Kong who have never heard of it. But how many people know the bitterness of sputum? First of all, I hope that everyone will allow a little sensibility. Some people think that our charges are high, and what do we need to deal with in addition to the daily care of simple owners? The owner is not at home, we temporarily take care of the darling of the master, and every minute and every minute needs to wake up to 12 points. Because the owner is not at home, the character and health of the pet are prone to variables, especially for the care of long-term patients. Cats and dogs, the time to feed the medicine is not too late, and we must pay close attention to the mental state of the pet. We can’t make mistakes at all, because we care for a small life, they can’t talk, they only use their eyes and movements to put their emotions and needs. tell us

A pet babysitter is not a disgusting job, but it definitely requires a sense of responsibility and patience. Just like a mother taking care of a child, we can’t just finish the work casually. When the door is cleared, we will leave. We need to report the work to the owner in detail. And the situation will be allowed to play with Mao, the owner is not at home, we are the only sustenance of Mao, this is the job of the babysitter.

We have to work all the year round, and we must work as usual when we are in the wind and rain (Small series remembers that Max brother has the 10th tempo as usual to take care of the sick cats and dogs), the holiday must not be on vacation, there is no excuse, time and effort. It takes a lot of things. Sometimes even family members and their own hairy children need to be put aside. Because we understand our work clearly, many Hong Kong people are aware of this and will feel helpless. At the same time, when you are exposed to certain emotionally allergic children, the pets will be injured because they are afraid, but we will not blame the hairy children, but also use patience and love to let the hairy children put down the warning. In addition to the above, we need more honesty, because the owner is not at home, they entrust the most loved pets to us, and at the same time they have a certain degree of trust in us, so we must not take it lightly or provoke a moment of greed. Lost trust in others.

(When Xiaobian conveys Max’s brother here, he thinks that one person can fail, but he must not lose faith and dishonesty, so it is the first condition for Max’s pet babysitter to be honest and responsible.)

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