Is the cat hotel still a pet babysitter?

Is the cat hotel still a pet babysitter?

Modern urban life is colorful and the work is very busy. If you often like to travel around the country, or you will help the company to trip once in three or two months, but you don’t want to hire a pet babysitter, because you are afraid of being forced to live in your home, afraid that there will be no privacy, you may Choose a cat hotel on the market. But when you choose a cat or pet hotel for foster care, have you thought of your journey, which may pose a threat to the health of the cat?

I recently attended the truth about dogs and cats at the University of Edinburgh in the UK and the animal behavior and welfare courses. The course is divided into two months, separated from Mondays. In addition to scientifically analyzing the world’s animals in the face of various welfare issues, it also explains the basic needs of cats and dogs daily from a scientific perspective. How to interpret the behavior of cats and dogs separately, how to coexist peacefully with cats and dogs, and how to improve their living environment.

It turns out that many breeds of cats or dogs breed on the basis of human preferences for their appearance. But the look is lovely and beautiful, interesting and attractive, behind the crisis of hereditary diseases. For example, leopard cats are naturally susceptible to tritrichomonas foetus, a parasite in the stomach. Persian cats and exotic short hairs, generally because the trachea is more sturdy and the nose is flat, so use dust-free cat litter. Because of the cost savings, pet hotels may not use cat litter suitable for their needs for each cat, because the wholesale price will be cheaper.

Even if the pet hotel is completely disinfected every day, your cat may also be infected with cat flu cat flu. Because the virus that caused the cat flu has been in the body during contact with cats and kittens. Because the cat is an animal that is very sensitive to the environment, if there is any change in the residence, it may put pressure on it. Once the cat feels the pressure, the flu virus in the body can break out at any time.

When you choose a pet hotel for a variety of reasons, rather than a pet babysitter, you should consider the mental stress and health risks associated with bringing the cat to an unfamiliar environment, in addition to the price, quality of service and hygiene.


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