Is cat cat food best for cat food?

Is cat cat food best for cat food?

I have been busy studying Social Media Marketing recently. I haven’t written a blog for a long time. Let’s talk about the cat’s diet today. Everyone usually feeds cats and cats, and they should be inseparable from bagged cat food and canned cats. Have you ever thought about feeding raw meat? Before the cat was not domesticated, the cat’s diet was prepared by nature to catch the birds, insects and other animals to meet their nutritional needs. The dry food sold in the market, due to the profit, the ingredients of cat food are mostly processed from processed meat and carbohydrates, plants and other large grains. These dry foods are not only questionable in terms of nutritional value, but also cause food poisoning after consumption by cats in the production process. It turns out that today’s cats have many diseases, and like humans, they are caused by improper diet.

Let’s talk about the congenital instinct of cats. They are carnivores. The natural stomach does not digest vegetables, and only through the consumption of meat can we grow and maintain physiological needs. For carbohydrates, the cat’s diet does not have the need for this nutrient. Because cats have long absorbed meat and amino acids through meat, their bodies have evolved to be unable to synthesize these substances. These substances have been absorbed through the prey they feed. Most of their water absorption sources come from meat. If we feed the right food according to the physiological needs of the cat, in addition to bringing a healthier body to the cat star, you will gradually find that the cat becomes more active, the weight of the fat is reduced, and the fur is more Gloss, and the amount of stool will be reduced to once a day and no longer stinks. After listening to the benefits of feeding so much meat, is there a rush to help the cat star prepare for the transfer?

If cats always have a habit of eating dry food, how should the cat accept new eating habits? How can the owner provide convenient and hygienic raw meat? We will explain in detail next time.

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