How does winter keep warm for pets?


How does winter keep warm for pets?

Recently, the temperature has dropped sharply. Even if I used to have 10 degrees, I have a vest and my husband is topless. Do you know how to keep warm for your family’s pets? I will have a house heater when I am at home, and I will open a heater and a heater. If the family is out, they are afraid that there will be home safety problems when they are driving the heater. I suggest you buy it. Warm hand bags or hot stickers on the market are placed on the bed where the pets usually feel at ease. In addition, as much as possible to provide the quilt of the material of the hair in the comb and pet bed. 咁 Everyone can safely pass a warm grain of winter!

The following is my home Sasha made a warm grain demonstration (laugh).

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