About me

Hello everyone,

I’m pet sitter Ying. Animals have a sixth sense. They can feel what you feel and are always by your side rather it’s a day of sun or rain. I believe that every pet owner have been amused by the funny faces of your beloved animal pal. You also treat them as one of your family member. As a pet sitter myself, I have been in love with animals ever since I was little. From feeding the stray animals to raising 6 cats and one dog. I also had a pair of parakeets, parrot., turtle, hedgehog, chinchilla, hamster, and goldfish. I have also had vast experience treating injured pet animals and worked as a veterinarian technician. Fellow pet owners, please be assure that I will take great care of your beloved pet friend!

Below listed are qualifications of Queenie


  • Prince Animal Clinic – May 2017-Sept 2018
  • Volunteer at Hong Kong Rabbit Society
  • Volunteer at Kelly Animals Shelter
  • BA Communication Design – Swinburne University 2009-2012