About me

Hello everyone
I am Janette, a part time pet sitter with over 10 years of experience in living with and taking
care of companion animals. My passion for animals drives me to do whatever I can for animals.
I have a BSc in animal science and have worked as a veterinary assistant. I am currently
enrolled in an advanced diploma course in Veterinary nursing in hope to further my knowledge
in the medical care of animals. As a pet owner myself, I am very familiar with that nagging
feeling of missing your furbabies when you’re out of town; therefore, I definitely sympathise
with situations in which furparents aren’t able to care for their babies and that’s why we are
here: to take care of your furbabies as if they were our own, until your return. J
Looking forward to meeting all your furbabies!!

Below listed are qualifications of Jannette


  • Currently enrolled-Diploma of Veterinary Nursing (City University of Hong Kong)
  • BSc Animal Science – University of Melbourne
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