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As a cat slave cat and a pet babysitter, I can’t live without the cat in the place where I spend time online! In addition to joining the cat slave group on Facebook and watching the cats in IG, I also have a special search on Google. Cat website. Here are some cat websites that I think are very special. I hope that you can have a little fun when you take a break or ride.

Stuff on my cat


This site is designed for the cat owners who love the ghosts! The cat slaves put the strange objects on the owner’s body and take the photos.

  1. Cat bounce


Super boring but healing. The entire site is a flash player with a few cats, but you can use your own mouse to move the cat up and down.

  1. Cats that look like Hitler


Do you sometimes feel that the cat owner at home is both cute and evil? All the cats on this site are born with the appearance of a big evil man, Hitler.

  1. Procatinator


Want to listen to some music? This site combines super cute cats with music and rhythm, so that cat fans can enjoy the music while also seeing comets.

  1. LOLCats


Collect all the hilarious cats on the Internet plus caption. Must see when the mood falls!

I hope that the above websites will bring you a lot of joy.

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