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I’m Max , the owner and cat sitter & pet sitter

I was born Hong Kong. I love dogs and cats since I was at a very young age. I’m constantly building up my knowledge about cats and dogs. I have a solid foundation on my knowledge of cats regardless of cat medical, nursing and the care. Established since 2008 in Hong Kong, Cathomeboarding has introduced the cat-sitting service into our criteria. Up until today, we have successfully served over 500 clients and their cats, from newborn kittens to senior cats up to 18 yrs old. I continue to study many of the pet courses to grow my knowledge of cats, and I’m also thankful for the skills I acquired about all the cat nursing and veterinary care skills through my veterinarian friends.

Hong Kong Social welfare agencies to pet care courses instructor

At present, Hong Kong’s famous film splicing Wenders Li 5years catsitter

​Certificate: The Truth About Cats and Dogs by The University of Edinburg on Coursera. Certificate earned on Wednesday, January 31, 2018 2:19 PM GMT


​Certificate: “Animal Behaviour and Welfare by The University of Edinburg on Coursera. Certificate earned at Friday, February 9, 2018 2:53 PM GMT”.



Hi Everyone,

I’m Rhonda, a part-time cat sitter and a former veterinarian technician. Born in Hong Kong and raised in California. My interest and passion for animals began when I was very young, when my mother used to take me to the local pet shops to visit the puppies and kittens. I never had a chance to own my first furry friend until my family immigrated to the U.S. when I turned 10 years of age. My first dog was adopted from the local animal control office and that is when I started to fall in love with companion animals.

I took every advantage in high school to understand more about the animals including studying biology and read every book about household pets if possible. My major in college was animal science and after I moved back to Hong Kong, I worked as a veterinarian technician to gain more working experiences with animals. In the future, I would love to continue to work with animals, and hold that as my life time career. My ultimate goal is to study and learn everything about cats including their behavior, body structure, history and grooming techniques. Hopefully, my knowledge will inspire and help all people who share the same interest.


Certificate: The Truth About Cats and Dogs by The University of Edinburgh on Coursera. Certificate earned at Sunday, January 28, 2018 8:00 AM GMT




Hello 大家好!

我係K.L.,喺香港出世,而家係一位寵物保姆。同動物相處最獨特嘅地方,就係你憑佢哋一個眼神同表情,就好似已經同佢哋溝通到一樣,唔需要言語,番番去最基本同原始的溝通方法:身體語言,甚至係心靈感應。自小我就好中意動物,特別係狗。屋企有過三隻狗,而家有一隻toy poodle,佢哋喺我心目中全部都係獨一無二。閒時會去做吓狗義工、參加犬隻正向訓練班兼獲證書同埋動物傳心、護理嘅書,因為中意呢D小朋友,所以驅使我想盡一分綿力去幫助我有能力幫到的動物。謝謝Max讓我加入Max Love Cat and Pet Sitting HK,俾機會我可以照顧需要陪伴嘅小朋友、減輕佢哋嘅焦慮,同時主人都無需太擔心屋企隻小朋友會怎麼樣。如果您有要事,暫無暇照料您們的小朋友,唔緊要,我哋隨時standby,做您哋嘅寵物保姆!希望所有寵物與主人都有個快樂、幸福的家。Cheers!

HKDR’s volunteer (Dog walker)



There are many passerby in your life. But there is only one person in your pet’s life, you!

Hello everyone,

My name is Reeve. I have worked in many areas in my life, but spending time with animals is the only moment I feel relaxed and unwind. I became a pet sitter 4 yrs ago and I’m  now Pet first aid certified.

I currently own 3 domestic short hair cats at home. That are so ordinary yet life changing.




“您好,我是PET SITTER-MANI,住新界:) 我有十多年照顧貓貓經驗, 自小很愛小動物。
都曾養小白兔, 倉鼠等等^^現在養了一隻哥基, 每天都和和它散步 拋波同玩耍。











I’m pet sitter Ying. Animals can feel what you feel. They are always by your side whether  you are happy or sad. I believe that every pet owner can find the joy in being with your beloved pet and treat them as part of your family.

I have been an animal lover since I was young. One of my favorite activity is to help stray animals on the street. I now own 6 cats and 1 dog and have experience taking care of parrots, turtles, hedgehogs, chinchillas, hamsters, and goldfish. I’m an experienced vet technician and have worked with numerous animals that were injured. Thanks to Max who had let me join the pet sitting team. You can be worry free with your pet animal  under our hands.



Hi everyone!

My name is Cyrus. I love to be around animals ever since I was a child. I loved to be a great companion of my neighbors’ pets including turtles, cats, and dogs. I currently have one British Shorthair cat for almost 4 yrs. She is such a princess! I took the Pet First Aid course and foundation pet groomer and shop assistant course because I wanted to strengthen my knowledge on companion animals. I’m the primary caretaker of my cat and I treat her as my family member. My goal is to giver her the most pleasurable life experience. I hope my knowledge in animals will help more animals and the pet owners to be at ease while they are away from home. And last but not least, I truly appreciate Max for letting me to be part of this team.



Hello everyone,

My name is Queenie. I loved animals ever since I was a child, especially dogs. I work as a volunteer to help stray animals with my free time, until I adopted a Shiba Inu, who completely changed my life and decided to become a veterinarian nurse. I am currently working as a pet sitter and currently own a mongrel and a Shiba Inu. They are the most precious babes in my life.


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