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Hi Everyone,

I’m Rhonda, a part-time cat sitter and a former veterinarian technician. Born in Hong Kong and raised in California. My interest and passion for animals began when I was very young, when my mother used to take me to the local pet shops to visit the puppies and kittens. I never had a chance to own my first furry friend until my family immigrated to the U.S. when I turned 10 years of age. My first dog was adopted from the local animal control office and that is when I started to fall in love with companion animals.

I took every advantage in high school to understand more about the animals including study in biology and read every book about household pets if possible. My major in college was Animal Science and after I moved back to Hong Kong, I worked as a veterinarian technician to gain more working experiences with animals. In the future, I would love to continue to work with animals, and hold that as my life time career. My ultimate goal is to study and learn everything about cats including their behavior, body structure, history and grooming techniques. Hopefully, my knowledge will inspire and help all people who share the same interest.


Certificate: The Truth About Cats and Dogs by The University of Edinburgh on Coursera. Certificate earned at Sunday, January 28, 2018 8:00 AM GMT




  • 寵物保姆
  • 15年照顧寵物經驗
  • Canine First Responder 寵物急救證書
  • S.A.A. 前獸醫助護

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